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The 147th Annual Chilliwack Fair

August 9-11th 2019

2019 Prize Book Now Available Online and in Print!

We are excited to announce that the 2019 Prize Book is now available in print and online! Now you can plan everything you are going to enter for this year’s Fair! Check out the new Pie Eating Contest (pg.35) and Traditional First Nations Art (pg.45)!

Fundraising Opportunity for Community Groups! closed April 22

The Chilliwack & District Agricultural Society is looking for new community groups to partner with!

From August 9 – 11, 2019 we will be hosting our 147th Annual Chilliwack Fair and we are looking for one group to facilitate the parking as well as another group to execute the gate/admission process. We have entertained the idea of hiring staff for these positions, however we really do want to spread the financial support to other non-profit groups in our community as they will receive a portion of gate revenue and parking donations respectively. This could be a significant boost to two community groups as their portions have been in the range of $4,000 – $6,000 for the past several years. Call our office 604-824-8191 or email info@chilliwackfair.com for more information.

Annual General Meeting Reminder

Hello! Invitations were sent out last week for the Chilliwack & District Agricultural Society’s Annual General Meeting. If you are a member then we look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks, Saturday November 24th for breakfast. More information is in the invitation. Please RSVP. See you soon! 2018 AGM invitation-one page

Looking for New Board Members!

Have you ever wanted to become involved in planning an event? Join us and you can insert new energy into our community’s 146 year old Chilliwack Fair! For more information email info@chilliwackfair.com or call 604-824-8191. We are excited to get planning the 2019 Chilliwack Fair with you!

Thank You!

The Chilliwack Fair wants to say a huge “THANK YOU!” to everyone who came out and took part this year! Whether you were volunteering, entertaining, or attending, we couldn’t have done it without you! It was a great weekend and we will see you next year!

Press Release!

Press Release

Hey Everyone!

Here is a link to the most recent press release for the Chilliwack Fair!If you have any questions you can call the Chilliwack Fair Office at 604-824-8191.

Click here

Can’t wait to see everyone at the Fair!



Sorry everyone! We made a mistake! Our Prizebook says that Kitchen Arts Entries are due July 20th, but you actually have until the 27th! You still have two days to get your Kitchen Art Entries in! Stop by to drop those off or send them in!

Sorry about that!

From everyone over here at the Chilliwack Fair 

Home and Garden Contests


Check out our Prizebook for more information around the

Home and Garden Contests


this year at the fair! Make it a family thing!


BD Diesel Truck Drags!

Buckle up and get in gear!

The Chilliwack Fair is bringing back the BD Diesel Truck Races! 

Saturday August 11th only, see you there! 










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