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Updated July 18, 2023


JUDGES: Vary by Section

ENTRY FORM DEADLINE: Friday, July 21, 2023


All livestock projects must be in place by 8 a.m. Friday, August 11. All vehicles must be off site by 9 a.m. The Fair opens to the public at 10 a.m. on Friday. Educational Displays must be in place by 10:30 a.m. Friday, August 11. Entries brought after this time cannot be judged.

PARENT PASSES: Any person who wishes access to the barns after closing time at 9:30 pm must be wearing a bracelet. NO EXCEPTIONS. A three day pass is $25 and must be purchased in advance. Passes are not available after the Fair starts.

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 per member for each section C-K. (A member with 2 dogs would pay $5 but a member with one dog and one sheep would pay $10). Please use a separate entry form for each type of project.

Note regarding online entry fees:

There will be a $5.00 entry fee per member for each section, sections C-K (A member with 2 dogs would only pay $5.00 but a member entering with one dog and with one sheep would need to pay $10.00.  If a member enters a livestock section and a non-livestock section, they would need to pay $10.00.  If a member enters two non-livestock Crafts and Gardening, they would need to pay $10.00.)

For more information or help please contact, info@chilliwackfair.com or please call 604-824-8191.

PRIZE MONEY: Members participating in sections C-K will receive $14.00 per section. Members must participate in showmanship competition to be eligible for prize money.

Camping is permitted on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only.  Please fill out the camping form.  Cost is $20 per night.  You must book ahead to ensure availability.


Entries will be accepted on a first come basis until accommodations are full.  Early entries are advisable. All exhibitors, including 4-H members, are bound by the Rules and Regulations, see Notice to Exhibitors. Exhibitors and 4-H members should read and become familiar with them.

1. Open to members of all 4-H clubs recognized by the B.C. Provincial 4-H Council. 

2. All exhibits must remain until release time at 5 p.m. Sunday. 4-H clubs from outside the Fraser Valley may be released earlier only by written request at time of entry.

3. B.C. Provincial 4-H Council rules apply. 

4. Each project must be entered on a separate entry form with a cheque attached to each entry form. 

5. There must be at least 4 members entered in one project to have a competition for that project.  If there are fewer than 4 members, those members are welcome to display their project and participate in 4-H events. 

6. Entries may be checked for proper identification. 

7. Showmanship competition – showmanship will be judged using the Danish system.  Exhibitors to use their own 4-H project animal in the competition.  Judging is to be done on the basis of: 70% – showing, 20% – conditioning, 10% – appearance of handler.  It’s understood that all three placings should be used where possible, but final decision is at the discretion of the judge. 

8. Project Competition – a member is only eligible to take part if he or she has shown in the Showmanship Competition.  Project classes will be judged using the Danish System.  Exhibitors to use their own project animal in this competition.  It is understood that all three placings should be used where possible but the final decision is at the discretion of the judge.

9. Members must show their own project animal in both project and showmanship class.

10. Any clipping or grooming of the 4-H animal at the fair must be done by the 4-H member themselves and must not be done by an adult or leader or that animal will be disqualified.

11. ATTIRE – all 4-H members and supervising leaders must appear in suitable dress at all times. In the show ring, members must be correctly attired for the class in question.

12. CONDUCT – SADD rules apply. Any 4-H member consuming alcohol or under the influence of alcohol/drugs or exhibiting in improper fashion will be barred from competition and may forfeit any prize money that has been awarded.



Decorate your stall for the 2023 Fair Theme:

PRIZES: Rosettes to 3rd place


Sponsored by the Chilliwack Agricultural Society

Entry Fees: None. All Clubs exhibiting livestock at the Chilliwack Fair will be automatically entered.

Prizes: Daily prizes plus Rosettes 1st to 3rd in each class, to be awarded at closing ceremony.


Friday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Note that clubs are expected to be ‘on duty’ until 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday)


• 35% for general neatness of exhibit, grooming of animals. Tack boxes will be inspected. Floors should be swept or raked clean. Walkways to the show ring and wash racks will be monitored.

• 35% for courtesy of attendants, public engagement, and accuracy of information provided. Must have stall cards with pertinent information, signage and club identification.

• 30% for educational content and display.


1. Penned – sheep, llama and horse

2. Tied – beef and dairy

3. Caged – dog, rabbit and poultry


PRIZE: Junior and Senior each – 1st place $25, 2nd place $15, 3rd place $10 and Rosettes to 6th place.


• Open to all clubs in British Columbia. B.C. Provincial 4-H Council rules and guidelines apply.

Displays must have proper member/club identification per the 4-H Communication Manual

(pg. 42) or they will not be judged.

• No entry fee.

• Can be club or individual entry. Please state names of members on the club entry form. (If the name is not given, there will be no space allocated for the display.)

• Set up by Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. Displays not set up by 10:30 a.m. Friday will not be judged.


1. Senior – any subject

2. Junior – any subject


CHAIRPERSON: Clark Thomson


Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Champion & Reserve Champion Heifer



1. Age 9           2. Age 10

3. Age 11          3. Age 12

5. Age 13          6. Age 14

7. Age 15          8. Age 16

9. Age 17 & over

Calf Placings All Breeds

10. Dec. 1, 2022 to Feb. 28, 2023

11. Sept. 1, 2022 to Nov. 30, 2022

12. June 1, 2022 to Aug. 31, 2022

13. March 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022

14. Interclub

Dairy Clipping Competition:

Clubs MUST indicate on the entry form how many members will participate and MUST supply a calf for that number of members.

• 90 minutes to clip

• Bring a calf (Sept. to Nov.)

• Head clipped; calf washed & halter broke


15. Beginners – any age, teams of 2 members. Must have never placed in a fitting or clipping competition before.

16. Junior – 9-12 years

17. Senior – 13-19 years



Note: Additional prize money for Champion and Reserve Champions sponsored if there are enough entries.


Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Intermediate Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Champion & Reserve Home Grown Steer

Champion & Reserve Steer

Champion & Reserve Home Grown Heifer

Champion & Reserve Heifer

Champion & Reserve Cow & Calf

Grand Champion & Reserve Female

Additional Prize Money:

Champion Steer: $500

Reserve Champion Steer: $250


1. Junior Showmanship (Ages 9-12)

2. Intermediate Showmanship (Ages 13-14)

3. Senior Showmanship (Ages 15-19)

4. Team Fitting (2-3 members)

5. Home Grown Steer

6. Market Steer & Fed Calf

7. Steer Interclub

8. Home Grown Heifer

9. Heifer

10. Cow & Calf


CHAIRPERSON: Karen Chambers


Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Champion & Reserve Market Lamb

Champion & Reserve Carcass Lamb

Champion & Reserve Ewe Lamb

Champion & Reserve Yearling Ewe

Champion & Reserve Mature Ewe with Lamb

Champion & Reserve Full Fleece Overall

Grand Champion & Reserve Ewe


1. Junior Showman (Ages 9-12)

2. Senior Showman (Ages 13 and over)

3. Market Lamb

4. Carcass Lamb

5. Ewe Lamb

6. Yearling Ewe

7. Mature Ewe with Lamb(s)

8. Full Fleece (Ewe and Yearling)

9. Market Lamb Interclub

10. Ewe Lamb Interclub




Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Over all Champion & Reserve Buck

Over all Champion & Reserve Doe


1. Junior showmanship

2. Senior Showmanship

3. Unit 1 – Record Books

4. Fancy Doe

5. Fancy Buck

6. Commercial Doe

7. Commercial Buck

8. Doe and Litter




Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Champion & Reserve Boar

Champion & Reserve Sow

Overall Champion & Reserve Cavy


1. Junior Showman (ages 9-12)

2. Senior Showman (ages 13-19)

3. Unit 1 – Record Book

4. Boar

5. Sow


CHAIRPERSON: Lorill Britz 604-858-6924

• No kennel space for non 4-H project dogs

• No prong collars will be permitted

• No dogs under 6 months of age permitted in show rings


Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Grand Champion & Reserve Showman

Champion & Reserve Junior Exploring Obedience

Champion & Reserve Junior Beginner Novice

Champion & Reserve Junior Novice

Champion & Reserve Senior Exploring Obedience

Champion & Reserve Senior Beginner Novice

Champion & Reserve Senior Novice

Champion & Reserve Senior Beginner Open

Champion & Reserve Open

Champion & Reserve Beginner Agility

Champion & Reserve Intermediate Agility

Champion & Reserve Advanced Agility

Champion & Reserve Puppy Agility

Champion & Reserve Veteran Agility


SHOWMANSHIP: Baiting will be allowed in the showmanship ring.

1. Junior, Year 1             2. Junior, Year 2

3. Junior, Year 3             4. Junior, Year 4

5. Senior, Year 1            6. Senior, Year 2

7. Senior, Year 3            8. Senior, Year 4

9. Senior, Year 5            10. Senior, Year 6

11. Senior, Year 7 & Over

OBEDIENCE: Please stipulate jump heights; no food or toys allowed in the ring. Please state obedience level on entry, or contact the chairperson.

12. Junior Exploring Obedience: Unit 2

13. Junior Beginner Novice: Unit 3

14. Junior Novice: Unit 4

15. Senior Exploring Obedience: Unit 2

16. Senior Beginner Novice: Unit 3

17. Senior Novice: Unit 4

18. Beginner Open: Unit 5

19. Open: Unit 6


Dogs must be over 18 months of age at date of show for all but Puppy class.  No food or toys allowed in the ring. 

• Small Dog: up to and including 18”

• Large dog: Over 18”

21. Junior Beginner – On Leash

         • Small dog

         • Large dog

22. Junior Intermediate – On or Off leash

         • Small dog

         • Large dog

23. Junior Advanced – off leash

         • Small dog

         • Large dog

24. Senior Beginner – On leash

         • Small dog

         • Large dog

25. Senior Intermediate – On or Off leash

         • Small dog

         • Large dog

26.  Senior Advanced – off leash

         • Small dog

         • Large dog

27. Puppy: under 18 months old, tunnels and low contacts (i.e., flat A-frame) no jumps.

28. Veteran: over 7 years, on or off leash



ENTRIES: Must complete entry form and Gate Pass and Camping Form. Please submit 1 entry per club.

PARKING: No livestock vehicles may park on the fair grounds. Please enter via Farm Gate and proceed to the right around the south side of the track. Park in designated area.


Champion & Reserve Jr Showman

Champion & Reserve Sr Showman

Champ & Reserve Jr Western High

Champ & Reserve Sr Western High Point

Champ & Reserve Jr English High Point

Champ & Reserve Sr English High Point

Champ & Reserve Jr Overall High Point

Champ & Reserve Sr Overall High Point



Pattern to be posted.  The horse is the means by which the exhibitor demonstrates his/her ability to show a horse at halter.  The ideal showmanship performance consists of a poised, confident, neatly attired exhibitor leading a well-groomed and conditioned horse that quickly and efficiently performs the requested patterns with promptness, smoothness, and precision.  The exhibitor will show the horse in the posted pattern.

1. Unit 6            2. Unit 5            3. Unit 4

4. Unit 3            5. Unit 2            6. Unit 1


Pattern to be posted.  The class will proceed at least once around the ring at each gate – walk, trot, sitting trot, and canter, and on command reverse and repeat.  They shall then line up on command and execute individual tests at the judge’s discretion.  The judge may ask concerning horsemanship, anatomy of the horse, tack stable management and any others.

7. Unit 6            8. Unit 5            9. Unit 4

10. Unit 3          11. Unit 2          12. Unit 1


To be shown at a flat-footed walk, normal trot, and easy canter; not to gallop; light contact to be maintained.  To be judged on 45% performance; 40% manners and 15% conformation

13. Unit 6 ­         14. Unit 5          15. Unit 4

16. Unit 3          17. Unit 2          18. Unit 1


To be shown at a flat-footed walk with reasonably loose rein, trot, strong trot, easy canter, and hand gallop.  To be judged 55% performance, 15% conformation, 20% substances and 10% manners.

19. Unit 6          20. Unit 5          21. Unit 4

22. Unit 3          23. Unit 2          24. Unit 1


Pattern to be posted.  Riders will be judged on seat, hands, ability to control, and show their horse.  Results as shown by performance of the horse are NOT to be considered more important than the method used by the rider.  The judge will ask each rider to work individually and rail work.

25. Unit 6          26. Unit 5          27. Unit 4

28. Unit 3          29. Unit 2          30. Unit 1


To be shown at a walk, jog, and lope both ways of the ring on a reasonable loose rein without undue restraint.

31. Unit 6          32. Unit 5          33. Unit 4

34. Unit 3          35. Unit 2          36. Unit 1


The command class is neither a race, nor is it a gymkhana event.  It is a competition which exhibits a well-trained, responsive performance horse/pony.  Riders must be dressed in suitable western attire.  Entries are eliminated one at a time at the discretion of the judge as commands are not executed correctly.

At no time are ring stewards allowed to partake in the judging or placing of the class.

37. Unit 6          38. Unit 5          39. Unit 4

40. Unit 3          41. Unit 2          42. Unit 1


CHAIRPERSON: Al DeJong (604-465-4286)


Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Champion & Reserve Junior Obstacle

Champion & Reserve Senior Obstacle

Champion & Reserve Junior Public Relations

Champion & Reserve Senior Public Relations

Champion & Reserve Packing

Champion & Reserve Driving

Champion & Reserve Performance


1. Junior Showmanship, 9-12

2. Senior, 13 & Older

3. Junior Llama Obstacle

4. Senior Llama Obstacle

5. Junior Llama Public Relations

6. Senior Llama Public Relations

7. Llama Packing

8. Llama Driving

9. Llama Performance


CHAIRPERSON: Lisa Warkentin


Champion & Reserve Junior Showman

Champion & Reserve Senior Showman

Champion & Reserve Junior Goat

Champion & Reserve Senior Goat

Grand Champion & Reserve Goat


1. Junior Showmanship

2. Senior Showmanship

4. Female Kid- unit 1

5. Yearling doe- unit 2

7. Doe with kids- unit 3

8. Milking doe- unit 4

9. Chevon- unit 5

10. Pack goat competition- unit 7

11. Pygmy goat- unit 8

12. Fibre Goat- unit 9


Clubs with projects not mentioned in this prize book are invited to contact the Fair office to make arrangements.  Displays are always welcome. CALL 604-824-8191