(604) 824-8191 info@chilliwackfair.com

Instructions for 4-H Leaders Making Online Entries:

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Go to https://chilliwackfair.fairwire.com to create your account
  • Click the “Sign In” button found at the top right hand corner
  • Select I am a “club”
  • You can select the Club you are in below. If the club you are in is not listed below please call (604)-824-8191 or email the fair office info@chilliwackfair.com and we will get your club added to our club list.
  • Following this you will need to enter the password associated with your club. To get this password, please call Gurman in the office at the number listed above.
  • Click on “Go to my account” You have now successfully opened up your account

Step 2: Enter your creations into the fair!

  • Click on “Begin adding Exhibitors and Entries”
  • Enter your Club member’s first and last name in the boxes provided on the page and (if you are a new exhibitor) select “this is a new exhibitor”
  • Click “continue”. You will then need to create your exhibitor account with the required information and password.
  • Click “continue”. You will then be asked to confirm that the information you provided is correct.
  • Go to the drop down menu that says “– Choose a Department–”
  • Select “ Z: 4-H Clubs”
  • Once you’ve selected your department, you will then be asked to “–Choose a Division–”
  • You will then be asked to choose what classes you want to enter.
  • Select the classes you are interested in participating in
  • Classes will want you to provide additional information, just type that information into the Description box below.)
  • Once you have selected all of the classes you wish to enter in any given Department, click “Add entry to cart”.
  • If you want to make more entries, under that same Club member’s name, select “add different entry”
  • If you are not making any more additional entries for that Club member, select “continue” (you will be able to add more member under this same transaction, after selecting the 4-H Exhibitor Fee(s)

Step 3: Selecting 4-H Exhibitor Fees

  • Select 4-H Exhibitor Feesfor how many sections that your Club member is in (C-K) and then click “Continue”
  • Note: A member with 2 dogs would only pay $5.00 but a member entering with one dog and with one sheep would need to pay $10.00
  • Note: If you are selecting 4-H Exhibitor Fees you do not need to purchase an Exhibitor Pass
  •  After selecting these you can now add entries for other members associated with your club by selecting “Add Entries for a different Exhibitor” on the bottom right corner
    • Note: You will need to individually add each member of your club as an exhibitor
  •  You can now repeat all the parts in Step 2

Step 4: Review and Payment

  • Once you are done adding the entries for all your members you can now select “check out”.
  • You can now review your order. You are able to see what you have entered and what passes you are wanting to purchase.
  • You are able to add Exhibitor passes for family members that require access to the barns after regular hours. The wristbands will be strictly enforced.
  •  On the payment page please select your payment method in the “–Credit or Debit Card–” drop down box.
  • Enter your details and then click continue.
  • You will then be asked to confirm your purchase. Click “Confirm” and then you will be entered into the fair and you will receive a confirmation email. Any wristbands will be required to be picked up in your Club’s package from the fair office before Thursday August 10th at 5pm.