(604) 824-8191 info@chilliwackfair.com


CHAIRPERSON: Renee Higginson (604)-858-9910 reneehigginson51@hotmail.com



ENTRY FEE: $7.50 (Must accompany entry form) exception

TRAVEL INCENTIVE: To encourage participation, we are offering a travel incentive to be added to the prize money as follows: To all exhibitors from Vancouver Island and Alberta – $250, to all exhibitors on the mainland outside the Lower Mainland – $150.


1ST – $35.00, 2ND – $30.00, 3RD – $25.00, 4TH – $20.00, 5TH – $15.00


Sponsored by Flowers by Renee

  • Supreme Champion Ram
  • Supreme Champion Ewe
  • Supreme Champion Flock
  • Supreme Champion Get of Sire

ARRIVAL: Can arrive as early as Thursday August 8 between 10am and 8pm but must be in place by 8 am Friday August 9.

RELEASE: Sunday August 11 at 5pm. If out of town, a request can be made to the office for early dismissal. Stalls must be taken down before leaving.

All General Rules and Regulations apply to this division. Please pick up your exhibitor’s package and check your entries to make sure that they are correct.

For more information or help please contact, info@chilliwackfair.com or call 604-824-8191.


1. Any breed with 12 or more animals and 2 or more exhibitors will have their own class. All others will show together.

2. The is no limit to the number of entries in single classes. A farm or breeding unit is only permitted only one entry in group classes.

3. As of January 1, 2004, all sheep must have an approved National ID ear tag before they leave the farm. Please make sure your animals are tagged before leaving home.

4. Release time is Sunday, August 11 at 5:00pm

5. Registration papers must be available upon arrival.

6. All sheep except Long Wool Breeds must be shown in short fleece. (Staple less than 1 inch or 2.54cm.)

7. Substitutions within the same class can be made up to the time of arrival at the Fair at the Entry Office. ADDITIONAL ENTRY FEE: $7.50


1. Ewe Yearling (third pair of temporary incisors must be in place)

2. Ewe Lamb (first pair of temporary incisors must be in place)

Champion & Reserve Champion Ewe

3. Ram Lamb (first pair of temporary incisors must be in place)

4. Get of Sire (born the property of the exhibitor).

A group of 3 animals by the same sire. They must have first pair of temporary incisors in place. Both sexes may be represented. Animals must have been shown in previous classes. (There is no need to put names of sheep on entry form)

5. Breeder’s Flock (bred and owned by the exhibitor) a group of 4 animals. Both sexes must be represented. Each animal in the group must have been exhibited in one of the preceding classes. All animals to be of one breed.

SPECIAL CLASSES (open to any breed):

6. Yearling Ram (third pair of temporary incisors must be in place)

7. Pair of Ewe Lambs (first pair of temporary incisors must be in place)

8. Progeny of Dam (two animals from the same dam)

9. Young Farmers (under 12 yrs old and not in 4-H) – NO ENTRY FEE

a. Showmanship

b. Lamb (either sex)