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JUDGE: Jodie Moore

The Chilliwack Fair Miniature Horse Show is covered by the rules and specifications of the current Horse Council of B.C. Rule Book. Exhibitor must produce photocopy of their current HCBC membership. Chilliwack General Rules printed at the front of the book apply. Exhibitor must purchase an exhibitor ticket at the time of entry.

Exhibitor Tickets:

Exhibitor Pass – $25 for the weekend

Adult Single Day – $15

Youth Single Day (10-18) – $8

Entries Close: 

Tuesday August 1, 2023 @11:59pm PDT (A $20 late fee will be added to any late entries, as approved by chairperson)


• Horses 38 inches & under do not have to be registered.

• Exhibitor must purchase a gate pass at the time of entry.

• Exhibitor must complete entry form, gate pass and camping form from the website.

• Name of each horse must be recorded on entry forms.

• There will be a $25.00 charge for all NSF cheques.

• No Late Entries unless approved by the chairperson.

Post Entries may be allowed at an extra $5.00 per class and must be submitted to the horse show office no later than 8:00 a.m. the morning of the class requested.

• Refunds will be made with a doctor’s or veterinary certificate turned into the show office prior to the start of the show.

PRIZE MONEY: 1st – $40, 2nd – $35, 3rd – $30, 4th – $25 (Ribbons will be handed out to 6th place)

Classes will be run as close as possible to the prize book, but the management reserves the right to change any order or time schedule or modify any classes they deem necessary. Classes with insufficient entries may be combined or cancelled.

Stabling Regulations:

• Up to 2 miniature horses per stall.

• Fee: $75.00 for the weekend for box stalls, non-refundable. YOU MUST ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 7AM FRIDAY and LEAVE SUNDAY AFTER 5PM. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact the chairperson.

• SEPARATE $75.00 per stall clean up deposit/stall reservation cheque is to accompany entry forms. Please date this cheque for August 13, 2023. Stall reservation/cleanup fee will NOT be refunded if exhibitor does not clean their stall or bring their horse. 

• Please indicate on entry form request to be stabled with others.  Management will make reasonable efforts to accommodate special requests but reserve the right to stabling allotments.  Absolutely no stall tags to be removed by exhibitors, any Exhibitor changing stall tags or using stalls for tack room without permission may be removed from the show, forfeiting all entry fees and prize money. All stalls and alley ways to be cleaned before 8am each day.  Please keep alley way clean and tidy and no tacking horses up in the alley ways.

• Best Decorated stall: $50.00 prize for BEST stall or stalls will be awarded.  Exhibitors are encouraged to include stall decorations as part of their exhibit to appeal to the general public.


Friday 2:00pm (Sand Ring #1)

Entry Fee: $18.00

1. Miniature Horse only: Junior Youth Showmanship 7 & under

2. Miniature Horse only: Junior Youth Showmanship 8 – 12 Years

3. Miniature Horse only: Youth Showmanship 13 – 18 Years

4. Miniature Horse only: Adult Showmanship.


Friday 2:00pm Cont’d

Entry Fee: $18.00

5. Miniature Horse only: Youth Halter, Gelding any age

6. Miniature Horse only: Youth Halter, Mare any age

7. Miniature Horse only: Solid Coloured Horse

8. Miniature Horse only: Multi Coloured Horse

9. Miniature Horse only: Colt 2 year & under

10. Miniature Horse only: Fillies 2 year & under

11. Miniature Horse only: Gelding, Open 2 yr. old & under.

12. Miniature Horse only: Open Senior Mare

13. Miniature Horse only: Open Senior Stallion

14. Miniature Horse Only: Open Gelding

15. Miniature Horse Only: Grand Champion Mare or Filly

16 Miniature Horse Only: Grand Champion Stallion or Colt

17. Miniature Horse Only: Grand Champion Gelding

18. Miniature Horse Only: Supreme Champion of the Show.

Section A: Cont’d

In Hand Miniature Trail

In hand test of horse control & the handler’s ability to guide the horse safely through a series of obstacles. Horses will be shown over & through a series of 6 – 10 obstacles. Emphasis is placed on safety, the horse’s manners & response to the handler & quality of the movement. The handler may be asked to move on after 3 disobediences at the same obstacle.

Posted order of go.

Entry Fee: $18.00

19. Youth/Junior miniature in hand

20. Senior miniature in hand

Pleasure Driving

Saturday 5:30pm (Sand Ring #1)

To be shown both ways of the ring at a flat-footed walk, ordinary trot and a strong trot and to stand quietly. A collected and/or extended trot may be requested. Will be judged 60% on manners, performance and style, 40% on breed type and conformation.

Entry Fee: $18.00

21. Miniature horse – Junior/Youth

22. Senior Pleasure 

23. Open Country Horse Driving

Driving Reinsmanship

Entries will be judged on the skill & ability of the driver. To be shown both ways of the ring at a walk, slow trot, walking trot & strong trot, to stand quietly & back readily. Drivers may be requested to test individually.

Entry Fee: $18.00

24. Junior/Youth

25. Senior Reinsmanship

$500 Pleasure Driving Stake

NO CROSS ENTRY. Must have shown in one other pleasure driving class.

Entry Fee: $30.00

Prize Money 1st: $250.00           2nd: $150.00      3rd: $100.00

26. Open Pleasure stake class

Obstacle Pleasure driving 

(Single and at a trot). Drivers negotiate a course of paired markers in the order of course posted. After two refusals at the same obstacle the judge may ask the driver to proceed to the next obstacle. Driver may walk the course.

Entry Fee: $18.00

27. Junior/Youth

28. Senior

Combine Driving Derby

A combination marathon & cone obstacle. The competitor must cross the start line & drive each of the numbered obstacles in the proper direction & in the correct numerical order & cross the finish line to stop the time. The total penalty seconds incurred on course are added to the time taken to complete the course for a total penalty score the fastest times are placed in descending order for class placings.  The course will be open to walk before the class. (trot only course) canter on course more than 3 strides/per occurrence +5 seconds, 3 times canter occurrence – Elimination

Entry Fee: $18.00

29. Open miniature

Stake Race (In Harness)

The correct pattern shall be run across the center timing line, turning left or right around the stake at the end, return through the center, turn the opposite way around the other stake, then back through the center, shutting off the time. Failure to follow course or knocking off balls or course marker shall cause a contestant to be eliminated.

Entry Fee: $18.00

30. Junior/Youth

31. Senior

Pole Bending (In Harness)

Run starting left or right of the pattern, following the line of travel indicated on the pattern. Failure to follow the correct course shall cause contestant to be disqualified. A 5 second penalty for each fallen ball.

Entry Fee: $18.00

32. Junior/Youth

33. Senior

Barrel Racing (In Harness)

Knocking off ball carries a 5 second penalty. Failure to follow the course shall cause disqualification. 

Entry Fee: $18.00

34. Junior/Youth

35. Senior

Miniature Horse Versatility

Miniature horse to be judged as a driving horse then judged at halter, then required to jump, 1 groom may assist with removing harness NO wheel barrels allowed.

Entry Fee: $18.00

36. Open

Miniature Horse Horse Liberty 

Sunday 1:30pm (Sand Ring 1)

The demonstration of the natural beauty of the miniature horse. Horses are to be judged on style, grace, animation, gaits, presence, music suitability and ease of catching. Movement, action, charisma, boldness, enthusiasm and exuberance will be the basis for judging this class.

Entry Fee: $18.00

37. Junior/Youth

38. Senior

Miniature Horse Hunter Class

To be Judged on style, manners and way of going, with preference given to those who cover the course at an even pace, with free-flowing strides, must maintain the same gait throughout the entire course. Charging fences and not maintaining the same gait throughout the entire class will be penalized.

Entry Fee: $18.00

39. Junior hunter

40. Youth Hunter

41. Senior Hunter

Miniature Horse Jumper

There will be 4 – 6 fences. Jumpers are judged on accumulated faults only, unless there is a tie, in this case there will be a jump off.

Entry Fee: $18.00

42. Junior Jumper

43. Youth Jumper

44. Senior Jumper

45. Open Jumper

Section B: Cont’d

Halter Obstacle

Minimum of 5 obstacles to a maximum of 8 obstacles. The course will be open for a walk through with the judge.

Entry Fee: $18.00

46. Junior

47. Youth

48. Senior