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Online entries opening date TBA


EXHIBIT ARRIVAL DATE: Bring your exhibits on Wednesday, August 7 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Entries brought after this time cannot be judged.


PRIZE MONEY: 1ST – $5, 2ND – $4, 3RD – $3

Rosettes: Most Points


• Most Points in Section A: $30 gift certificate from Fantasy Farms

• Most Points in Section B: $30 gift certificate from Fantasy Farms


• An exhibitor may submit only one entry per class.

• All work must have been completed after August 2023

• No taxidermy articles.

• Entries may be reclassified by the judge(s).

• Please limit size of entries because of limited space.

• All crafts must be handmade or as stated.

• If an entry is fragile or has many small pieces, please display it in a sturdy box.

• You must present your claim tag to collect your exhibit and prize money, which will be released Sunday, August 11 at 5 p.m. After Sunday, items will be available in the Fair Office 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Thursday, August 15. The office will not be staffed after this date. See instructions in Notice to Exhibitors.

*Designates classes that are NEW this year



1. Birdhouse, best original design

2. Best article that depicts Chilliwack Fair theme: “Barn To Be Wild!”

3. Article made from an item from around the barn (horseshoes, nails etc.)

4. Dream catcher

*5. Macrame, any item

*6. Soap, 2 bars

7. Garden ornament, handmade

8. Painted rock craft

*9. Paint by Number

*10. Diamond Dog Painting

*11. Resin Art, any item

12. Wind Chimes

13. An article made from natural items, driftwood, rocks, seashells, bark, and tree cones, etc.

14. Collection of handmade items (min. 3, max. 6), Must be securely mounted or in a box.

15. Memory Box

16. Model made from any material, e.g. wood, plastic etc.

17. Beaded set, secured on cardboard.

18. Beaded item, secured on cardboard.

19. Seasonal decoration e.g. Xmas, Easter, etc.

20. Seasonal craft, e.g. Valentine’s, Fall, Halloween

21. Any other craft not listed

SCRAPBOOKS: to be looked at by the public. Must have protective covering on all pages.

22. Album, any theme

23. Single/double page layout, any theme

24. Double page layout, Fair theme “Barn To Be Wild!”

PAPER CRAFTS: all cards to be mounted on black paper, entries are mounted per each category.

25. Cards, embossed (2)

26. Cards, stamped (2)

27. Cards, Christmas (2)

28. Cards, ribbons and fibres (2)

29. Cards, use of embellishments (stickers, flowers, metal frames, etc.) (2)

30. Hand Stitched cards (2)

31. Cards made from recycled cards and materials (2)

32. Ribbon Craft article

33. Tissue Paper craft

34. Paper Craft item

WOODWORK: all handmade

35. Carving

36. Toys (max. 3)

37. Furniture

38. Scroll saw article

39. Any other woodcraft not listed


40. Jewelry, any item

41. Any article not listed

SECTION B: PEOPLE WITH DIVERSE ABILITIES (Open to any person with neurodivergent, cognitive or physical support needs)

42. Fridge magnet

43. Fun foam creation, may use a kit

44. Beadwork, any article, mounted on cardboard

45. LEGO, one item only, mounted on a solid board. A Lego board is not a solid board. Not to exceed 40 cm. x 40 cm.

46. Mask, handmade

47. Scrapbook album, any theme

48. Holiday decoration

49. Greeting card

50. Candle, decorated

51. Nature collection, mounted or displayed in a shoe box size container (max. 6 items, labeled)

52. Painted rock or shell craft

53. Any other item not listed