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The Chilliwack Fair is hosting a CGS Sanctioned Open Dairy Goat Show.

CHAIRPERSON: Eugenia Carnegie – 604-858-6166




$7.50 individual classes 1-6 (Must accompany entry form) exception

No entry fee for group classes 7-11


1ST – $30.00, 2ND – $25.00, 3RD – $20.00, 4TH – $15.00, 5TH – $10.00

Grand Champion $30.00, Reserve Grand Champion $20.00 (Champion Awards Sponsored by Fraser Valley Goat Breeders Association).

SHOW TIME: TBA (likely Sunday morning)

ARRIVAL: Can arrive as early as Thursday August 5 at 10am but must be in place by 8am Friday August 6.

RELEASE: Sunday August 8 at 5pm. If out of town, request can be made to office for early dismissal. Stalls must be taken down before leaving.

All General Rules and Regulations apply to this division. Please pick up your exhibitor’s package and check your entries to make sure that they are correct.


When submitting your application in the box titled “Entry Comment” please specify the BREED or BREEDS of animal for judging purposes.

For more information or help please contact, info@chilliwackfair.com or call 604-824-8191.


1. This show is sanctioned by the Canadian goat Society for LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Saanen, Toggenburg and AOP (Alpine &Oberhasli). To be eligible for sanctioning each breed must have a minimum of 10 individual entries and a minimum of 2 exhibitors per breed. In the event that two or more breeds do not obtain sanction status in their individual breed they may be combined under the AOP Sanction. If only one breed does not obtain sanction status then half prize money will be awarded for that breed.

2. This show is open to does only. No bucks will be allowed on the grounds.

3. Exhibitors are asked to keep their stall areas cleaned. Exhibitors are encouraged to decorate their stalls. Educational material promoting agriculture awareness and the goat industry would be appreciated.

4. Age to be computed from date of birth to first day of fair.

5. All animals must pass a mandatory health check prior to the show; a veterinarian or a committee of three C.G.S. members will carry out this check.

6. Substitutions allowed only within the same breed and class section.

7. No animal will be allowed to compete in more than ONE CLASS per show except in group classes and special classes. Entries in group classes MUST have FIRST been shown in individual classes.

8. The original registration certificate is required for all animals to be shown. This certificate must be available for inspection by the show secretary before show time.

9. All exhibits must be owned and registered in the name of the exhibitor as of closing date of entries

10. No animal having freshened 14 days or less prior to the first day of the fair will be allowed in the barns. Any animal showing post-kidding discharge shall be removed from the Fair.

11. Only animals entered in the show will be allowed on the fairgrounds unless special permission is obtained from the Show Committee at the time of entry deadline.

12. Dress Code in show ring – All White or white/black.


FA – LaMancha

FB – Nigerian Dwarf

FC – Nubian

FD – Saanen

FE – Toggenburg

FF – AOP (Alpine, Oberhasli)


1.  Doe kid

2.  Dry Yearling – 12 to 24 months, never freshened


3.  Milking Yearling – 12 to 24 months, in milk

4.  Two years – over 24 months of age and under 36 months of age, in milk

5.  Three years – over 36 months and under 48 months of age, in milk

6.  Four years and over in milk



     BEST UDDER (no entry fee). The Judge will select the Best Udder in each breed.     

     BEST DOE IN SHOW – Selected from Grand Champion of each breed

SECTION B: GROUP CLASSES (no entry fee, ribbons only)

7.  Get of Sire – Three (3) animals of the same sire. Need not be owned by the same exhibitor. Sire must be named on entry form.

8.  Produce of Dam – Two (2) animals of the same dam. Dam must be named on entry form.

9.  Dam and Daughter – Dam must be named.

10.  Dairy Herd- Four (4) does owned by the exhibitor. Three (3) does must be in milk.

11.  Breeders Herd – Four (4) animals owned and bred by the exhibitor.