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Live Music at The Chilliwack Fair

Main Stage


Judy Tuesday – 7pm

We were originally formed in 2015 for the Chilliwack Players Guild’s British Invasion, and we had such a great time that we’ve stayed together ever since. The group features Stu Coleman on bass, Clint Hames on guitar, Judy Hill on keyboards, and Phil Mulholland on drums. We share a passion for the music of the ’60s and early ’70s — particularly if it’s British.

Head Over Heels – 8:30pm

Born of a thumping desire and a rhythmic need to play the songs they like to hear, this group of top notch musicians draws on decades of musical influences for their energetic, fun, danceable shows. Head Over Heels are all about the songs, not the labels.  They play it flat out like AC/DC as well as passionate and painful as if Janis were on stage playing tambourine.  With the edges of their music that far apart, you just know they must love everything in between. From “swamp rock” ala CCR, to the irresistible hooks of Motown, through the Beatles and the Stones, these folks do it all.

Head Over Heels:

Kevin Ault- drums, and vocals

Adriana Mossinkoff- lead vocals percussion

Joe Sallos – keyboards, percussion and vocals

Marcel Ketting-Olivier – guitars and vocals

Listen….and you too will be Head Over Heels


Kadooh – 7pm

Since setting out on a journey to reconnect with his roots, 604 Records’ Kadooh has continued to carve his own path in Canadian country music — all while staying true to himself along the way. 

Kadooh’s sound — one that has found influence in not only the musician’s everyday life, but an engrained love of music as a whole — has continued to grow and evolve, especially when it comes to song writing. “I try to write about what I’ve experienced — I’ve gone through it all, just like everyone else. It’s always been important to me for people to relate to the music,” he said, adding as a fun, energetic, hold-nothing-back kind of person, his work will always reflect that. “Music should always be fun and that’s very authentic to who I am. I want people to dance and just take it in.” You can look forward to more material later in 2021 and early into 2022, “We have a ton of songs ready to go, and I’m really excited about it,” says Kadooh. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into it all, and I’ve really developed myself as an artist and a singer. I’m just really, really excited, and I hope everybody really connects with them and enjoys them.

Todd Richard and the TR Band – 8:30pm

Todd’s music is on the leading edge of Today’s Country sound and features a wide array of “true story” songs that make one want to ‘laugh’ ‘rock’ ‘dance’ ‘think’ and ‘cry’  

Todd Richard’s stage presence during a big show is nothing short of dynamic, and his fans love him for his explosive energy, rich vocals and unique gritty style.

Himself and his award winning TR Band have shared the stage with many of country music’s top acts,
including Dallas Smith, Washboard Union, Dwight Yoakum, Dierks Bentley, Gord Bamford , rock legend Randy Bachman and more!

Energy Tent

Nathaniel Postma – Acoustic – Friday 2:30pm; Saturday 3:45pm

Nathaniel Postma, raised in North Delta, learned to play guitar while he was a youth in care. From one foster home to another, to homelessness, and back onto his feet, he never gave up his love for music. Nathaniel was a former contestant of Canadian Idol and Canada’s Got Talent. Today you can see Nathaniel perform at various Save on Foods locations from Cloverdale to here in Chilliwack where he donates a portion of his earnings to the BC Children’s Hospital.

Family Entertainment

Gary Savard Magic Show

Gary Savard was born and raised in the Metro Vancouver area, his love of magic didn’t come until the ripe old age of nineteen.

In 1988 Gary Savard joined The Vancouver Magic Circle to learn his craft, and to compete in magic competitions.

With all his hard work and dedication he won club awards, international awards, and in which time Gary became Club President for the Vancouver Magic Circle.

After moving to the Fraser Valley, he joined the Fraser Valley Magic Circle and also became Club President in year 2011.

In 2001 Gary married Jeannie, and that’s when The Jingles and Jangles Christmas Magic Show was created.

For over 35 years Gary has been performing for kids and families throughout the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver area under the name, Now That’s Magic BUT …

When Gary excitingly knocks on the door, ready to entertain the children he hears the birthday child say …


… and that’s how www.themagicguy.ca was born.

Ever After Character Company

Ever After Character Company is based right here in Chilliwack, and has been providing quality entertainment for children’s parties for 6 years! The company was started by two best friends who love fairy tales, singing, and storytelling! Right now, we are offering virtual parties AND physically distanced in-person packages for outdoor parties. We love what we do, and we can’t wait to get back to bringing magic and joy to our customers all over the Fraser Valley.

Spindle Whorl Dancers

The Spindle Whorl Dancers have been together since 1974 sharing both our Stólô and the Prairie Style dancing. Today there are four generations of the family represented with the eldest at 68 and the youngest is 4 years old. Over the years they have participated in events such as Expo ’86, The Calgary Stampede, Represented Canada at the International Folk Festival, a Music Festival in Switzerland, Featured at the 2010 Olympics, The Annual Chilliwack Fair, and many, many community events.

Vancouver Circus School

The Vancouver Circus School will be hosting workshops in the mornings of the Fair to teach cool Circus skills! Later in the afternoon, you can watch the Circus School pros as they perform!

Ride The Vibe

You will be blown away by this freestyle motorcycle show! Check the event schedule to find out when you can see them in action.

Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy is an author, educator, school psych, and Complex Trauma Resource’s Director of School Programs. She wholeheartedly believes that ALL children and youth can learn. 

Her passion is prevention work and it is her life’s work to support teams of children and youth who’ve experienced hard things via a collaborative and trauma-focused approach. Angela and her pups will be joining us at the Chilliwack Fair on Sunday at 11:30 to read the second book in her 3-part self-regulation Wonder Pup series: Breathe Up, Wonder Pup.

Stuffy Riders

Come see Stuffy Riders in the barn, and take one of the funky animals out for a spin!