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Online entries opening date TBA

ENTRY CLOSING DEADLINE: Friday, July 26 for Sections A, B, C

Friday, August 2 for Section D: Zucchini Races

EXHIBIT ARRIVAL DATE: Bring your exhibit on Thursday, August 8 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Entries brought after this time cannot be judged.


Section A Eggs, Scarecrow class 10, 13, Section C Fun things, and Section D Zucchini Race – $1.00

Scarecrow Classes 8,11,12 – $0.50

PRIZE MONEY: 1ST – $5, 2ND – $4, 3RD – $3

SPECIAL AWARDS: Scarecrow, class 11 and 12:

Traditional Scarecrow – 1st place: $50 gift certificate from Chilliwack New and Used Building Materials Inc. www.chilliwacknewandused.ca

Recycled Scarecrow – 1st place: $100 gift certificate from Chilliwack New and Used Building Materials Inc. www.chilliwacknewandused.ca

Rosettes: Best in Show, Most Points

$25 gift certificate from Castle Fun Park for Most Points


No exhibitor is allowed to submit more than one entry in the same class.

• You must present your claim tag to collect your exhibit and prize money, which will be released Sunday, August 11 at 5 p.m. Produce not claimed by 6 p.m. will be disposed of unless arrangements have been made with the Convenor. After Sunday, items will be available in the Fair Office 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Thursday, August 15. The office will not be staffed after this date. See instructions in Notice to Exhibitors.


SECTION A: EGGS (Open to all ages)

1. One dozen eggs – Bantam

2. One dozen eggs – Brown

3. One dozen eggs – White

4. One dozen eggs – Any other colour (e.g. – blue/ green, dark brown, speckled)

5. One dozen eggs – Mixed colours (any combination of mixed colours)

6. One dozen eggs – Quail

7. One dozen eggs – Duck


Description of classes:

Traditional Scarecrow – Can occupy a 4’ in diameter area and should have gardening products displayed at the foot. Scarecrow should be free standing and must use straw.

Recycled Scarecrow– Example of recycled objects and items: plastics, metals, wood, clothing, bags, plants, garden tools, machine parts.


8. Traditional Scarecrow – Pre-teens (Under age 12)

9. Traditional Scarecrow – Teens (Ages 13-18)

10. Traditional Scarecrow – Adult, (Age 19 & Over)

11. Recycled Scarecrow – Pre-Teens (Under age 12) 

12. Recycled Scarecrow – Teens (Ages 13-18)

13. Recycled Scarecrow – Adult, (Age 19 & Over)

SECTION C: FUN THINGS (Open to all ages)


13. Corn Contest– Submit one cob of corn with husk and silk intact (no peeking). Cob will be opened by the judge and assessed according to growth pattern, maturity, appearance, and taste.

14. Largest Maple Leaf


ENTRY CLOSING DATE: Friday, August 2

ENTRY FEE: $1.00

PRIZE MONEY: 1ST – $5, 2ND – $4, 3RD – $3

Please note that advance registration is required!

This year will be our 9th Annual Zucchini Race Day.  It is a lot of fun, especially for the participants

Zucchini Race Cars must be submitted for judging no later than 11 am on Saturday, August 10 for judging.  The races will commence at 12:30 pm.  parents will need to be present to assist smaller participants with mounting the racing platform. Ribbons will be awarded for the best decorated and the fastest car in each class.


Race car must be made of a real zucchini and must be the main part of the entry. The zucchini racer may be no wider than 12”, including wheels and decorations.

Wheel axles must be incorporated into the zucchini itself. It’s not acceptable to just attach a zucchini to an existing “vehicle” that rolls. This means no attaching a zucchini to a skateboard, roller skate, toy car, etc.

Race Car must have 3 or 4 wheels. Wheels can be any type – wooden, metal, vegetable, or plastic.  The front wheels must be independent of the rear wheels.

Each race car must be self-propelled – no motors or auxiliary propulsion!

Race car must be sturdy enough to compete in multiple races.


16.  Age 6 & Under

17.  Ages 7 – 12

18.  Age 13 +