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The 2022 Chilliwack Fair Presents

The BuyBC Farm Store & Kitchen Stage

Images of locally grown blackberries and raspberries with the BuyBC Sign in the background

Find Local Products at the BuyBC Farm Store

Supported by the British Columbia Buy BC program, shop local with producers in your back yard at the Farm Store, open all weekend long. You can find great products from local vendors! Stay tuned for more information and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Local Chef Lineup at the Kitchen Stage

Watch local chefs cook their recipes LIVE with local products you can pick up at the BuyBC Farm Store. Supported by the British Columbia Buy BC program, you can learn from the best local chefs using BC produce and ingredients.

Chef Sian Hurley

Sian Hurley is an Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts  at the University of the Fraser Valley, whose creative and ambitious approach always produces something bigger than the sum of the parts. She takes her craft far beyond the core technical aspects. She is constantly seeking new ways to create the food experience and can place her output within almost any larger context: cultural, Indigenous, art, food science, local ingredients, etc. She worked with colleague Joel Feenstra and others to use laser-cutting technology to produce a gingerbread model of a First Nations longhouse — a creative and relevant variation on the traditional gingerbread house.

To learn more about the UFV Culinary Arts program, visit https://www.ufv.ca/culinary

Chef Louise Cote

Sweet Lou Creative is a combination of two passions – food and photography. Louise’s photography style is, bright, warm, and natural. Her cooking style is fresh, straightforward, and real. Her goal is to capture the most beautiful food using everyday ingredients and keep the recipes within reach of anyone who wants to give cooking a try. Sweet Lou Creative is the creation of Louise Cote. She is a food enthusiast food & product photographer and recipe developer. She is passionate about simple and delicious recipes and limiting food waste. Louise loves to capture visual stories about what we eat and how to cook it. 

To learn more about Sweet Lou Creative, visit https://www.sweetloucreative.com

Chef Dee

Chef Dee has been creating in the food industry for over 15 years and they currently work at Blue Heron Cheese and Lumi Foods. They are also a cofounder of FuelGood Catering and Kain More. They want to share their journey of reconnecting with filipino food by adapting it into plant based/vegan alternatives and finding out about vegan filipino dishes that don’t get talked about. 

Chef Dee’s recipe is sponsored by Blue Heron Vegan Cheese – Blue Heron was created out of a passion for better, kinder, more sustainable cheese without sacrificing taste and tradition.

To find out more about Blue Heron Cheese, visit  https://blueheroncheese.com

To find out more about Kain More, visit https://www.kainmore.com

Shani Cohen

Through a process of trial and error for years trying to create the perfect spice blend, Shani mastered the best recipe for creating the flavour of an egg from a combination of spices that will elevate your tofu scramble to a WHOLE other level. She now offers her masterfully delicious vegan egg spice mix at 45 different locations across the lower mainland! Shani cooks with her whole heart and believes that cooking can change the world, one dish at a time.

To find out more visit https://shaniseasoning.com


All show times are located at the Kitchen Stage in Barn 1

Friday, August 5

12pm to 1pm – Chef Dee – Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich with Blue Heron Ricotta and Jalapeno Mac & Cheese with Blue Heron Crown Cheese

2pm to 3pm  – Chef Sian –  Mushrooms Pappardelle, Herb Focaccia in partnership with UFV Culinary Program

Saturday, August 6

12pm to 1pm – Chef Shani – Vegan Eggs Benedict Featuring ShaniSeasonings

2pm to 3pm  – Chef Sian –  Smoked Duck Flatbread, Fig & Onion Jam in partnership with UFV Culinary Program

Sunday, August 7

12pm to 1pm – Chef Sian – Chilliwack Roasted Vegetable Eggs Benedict in partnership with UFV Culinary Program

2pm to 3pm  – Chef Louise Cote –  Strawberry & Cream Crepe Cake & How to Feature your Food on Instagram by Sweet Lou Creative

This project is supported by the BC Government’s Buy BC Partnership Program; delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC with funding from the Government of British Columbia.