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The 147th Annual Chilliwack Fair – under construction

Volunteer Opportunities

If you see a job you are interested in, please note it under 'Special Requests' in your volunteer registration or contact volunteer@chilliwackfair.com for more information.

# of positionsStatusSectionTitleDescriptionDate
2OpenGeneral LabourBBQ AssistantGeneral assistance with our annual volunteer appreciation barbeque.weeknight after Fair...tba
2OpenOfficeVendor Set UpShow food and marketplace vendors where to set upThursday August 9, 2018 perhaps two shifts? 9-3 and 2-8 pm
10OpenAnimal DisplaysBarn Attendant: Bld 2Sweep and clean floors around chickens, piglets, display animals, south end of building and monitor show ring. Aug 10-12, 2018 in 4 hour shifts, 9-1, 1-5, 5-9
ManyOpenHome & GardenAssistant Convenor/Display AttendantAnswer questions from the public for your department. Conduct demonstrations. Assist with setup and takedown.Aug 10-12 2018, multiple shifts
1-2OpenOfficeAssistant Volunteer CoordinatorDistribute volunteer packages during setup just prior to the fairAug 8-9, 2018
1OpenGeneral LabourOff-site Signage FacilitatorDistribute and display signage around Chilliwack prior to the fairSetup: Aug 5-6; Takedown: Aug 13 2018
1-2OpenGeneral LabourSite Signage FacilitatorCreate and/or display signage on the fair groundsSetup: Aug 9; Take down: Aug 13, 2018
2OpenGeneral LabourVendor BoothsHelp set up and take down pipe and drape for market place booths week before the fair and day after the fairSet up: Aug 1-2; Takedown: Aug 13, 2018
2OpenGeneral Labour Poultry Set up, show, take downAug 8-13, 2018
2OpenGeneral LabourArt Set UpSet up and take down, artist equipment displayAug 1-2, 2018
4OpenOfficeArt AttendantGeneral AssistantAug 10-12, 2018
2OpenGeneral LabourBarn Attendant: Bld 3/4Sweep and CleanAug 10-12, 2018
2OpenGeneral LabourStage Set UpSetting up stagesAug 7-8, 2018
1-2Open OfficePhotographyGeneral AssistanceAug 8-9, 2018
3OpenCarriage RideAttendantGeneral AssistanceAug 10-12, 2018
3OpenCarriage RideAttendantGeneral AssistanceAug 10-12, 2018
12:30pm - 5:30pm
9OpenOutdoor AreasOutdoor Attendant: Eating Area and Hand Wash Stations Wiping picnic tables, keeping eating areas clean and tidy, and maintaining hand washing stations.Aug 10-12, 2018
10:00am-2:00pm, and 2:00pm-8:00pm
6OpenSanitizer StationsSanitizer Maintenance Check batteries and fill 3 times a dayAug 10-12, 2018

Countdown to the Fair! 143 Days 4 Hours 53 Minutes 25 Seconds