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The 145th Annual Chilliwack Fair

Prize Book

2017 PRIZEBOOK IS COMING SOON…here is what we did last year

Kids Prize Book

HEY KIDS! Enter something in The Chilliwack Fair and win a prize for your art, pictures, baking and much more!

For all of the creative kids out there we have put together this kids version of the Prize Book with all of the kid-friendly categories as well as many fun facts and activities!
You can download and print this kids version here:

2016 Kids Prize Book


2016 Prize Book

General Rules & Regulations

Fair Emergency Manual

*Everyone should read these. 

Gate Pass & Camping Form

Livestock - Department A - I 

Livestock Entry Information

Livestock Entry Form

Equestrian - Department A-AM

*Entry fee is $15.00 per class, not overall as in Prizebook - as there is extra prize money.

Light Horse Show Entry Form

Dairy Exhibitors - Department B-C

*Open Dairy entry deadline moved to July 22, 2016.

Dairy Exhibitor Agreement

Youth Waiver/Entry Form

Fleece  - Department E, Section H

Fleece Entry Form

Poultry/Waterfowl - Department HA-HB and IA-IF

Poultry Entry Form


Home & Garden - Department J - V

Home & Garden Entry Information

Home & Garden Entry Form

4-H Clubs - Department W

4-H Entry Information

4-H Entry Form *Deadline changed to July 15, 2016.


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