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The 147th Annual Chilliwack Fair

Livestock Building 2018

Hang out at the Trouw Nutrition Show Ring during this year’s Fair and you are sure to learn a thing or two about showing livestock.  All-day dairy cattle shows will showcase local farm animal pride and pique your interest!
Like the Trouw Nutrition Show Ring, Show Ring 2 and 3 are great places to check out your favourite farm animal in action.  You will see goats, sheep, llamas and mini horses strut their stuff with their handlers here!
The public is encouraged to not only watch livestock in show, but also wander the aisles of pens to see animals as they wait for their opportunity in the rings!
Sheep Shearing
Come view the Sheep Shearing Demonstration on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Typical mass shearing of sheep today follows a well-defined workflow:
-remove the wool
-throw the fleece onto the wool table
-skirt, roll & class the fleece
-place it in the appropriate wool bin
-press and store the wool until it is transported
You will find sheep shearing demos all weekend in Ring 2 & 3!
Our outdoor sand and dirt rings are home to a majority of our horse shows. We’re excited to have our Light Horse Shows back again this year. Stop by and watch these beautiful horses and their riders show off all of their hard work in elegant ways. 
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Check out what we have going on this year in the Livestock Building! It is full of adorable animals for everyone’s viewing! We also have a variety of livestock shows going on. Take a look! 
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The year at the fair we are bringing in several new classes for the equestrian show! We have new ranch and stake classes as well as we have added in new cash prizes in certain divisions! Check out our 2018 Prizebook for more details!
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