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2020 Chilliwack Fair Terms and Conditions, Rules & Regulations


Exhibitors are responsible for reading and abiding by the following rules and regulations, as well as rules specific to individual sections.

1. All entries must be made on the proper entry forms provided and accompanied by entry fees paid in full, if required. Entry Forms must be complete and correct with necessary photos and/or videos in order to be eligible for judging.

2. Refund policy: Entry Fees are not refundable. All purchases are not refundable.

3. The 2020 Virtual Chilliwack Fair will involve all Home & Garden entries being submitted by photo(s), all Virtual Mini and Light Horse entries being submitted by photo(s) and video(s) and Virtual Goat Show entries being submitted by photo(s).

4. The 2020 Mountain Trail & Gymkhana Horse Shows will be hosted at Heritage Park with participants, volunteers and judges only; no spectators to ensure a maximum attendance of 50 people according to current Provincial rules and regulations.

5. All current Covid-19 related Provincial rules and regulations will be followed and enforced by all on-site exhibitors and attendees.

6. The exhibitor must be a British Columbia Resident.

7. By submitting an entry in this competition, the Exhibitor undertakes that the exhibit is shown in its current condition. All entries must be made/taken/completed after August 31, 2019. For all entries (with the exception of Photography – Section T, photos and videos must be taken after June 1, 2020. Where an exhibit is an animal, that animal must be alive and in the hands of occupancy of the exhibitor on the date of entry submission.

8. By submitting an entry in this competition, the Exhibitor undertakes that the media used for the entry is a true representation of the condition of the exhibit and has not been edited, enhanced or altered in any way.

9. By submitting an entry in this competition, the Exhibitor undertakes that the content submitted for entry can be used by The Chilliwack Fair for promotional media, marketing, advertising and educational material. All exhibits and judging results may be displayed on the Chilliwack Fair Social Media and website. Winning entries will be acknowledged at the completion of the Virtual Show and winning exhibitors may be identified in Social Media posts.

10. Prizes awarded based on the rules in each department. Prize money will be mailed by September 15, 2020. Any prize money cheques not cashed by October 31, 2020 will not be honoured. No duplicate cheques will be issued after that date. Exhibitors are encouraged to carefully check their prize money statements when cheque arrives. No adjustments to prize money will be made after October 31, 2020.

11. Any exhibitors violating the rules of the Society may forfeit any prize money that may be awarded to them.

12. Any exhibitors whose conduct could, in the opinion of the Directors, in any way endanger the safety of any other person on the grounds may forfeit any prize money that may be awarded to them and may be barred from exhibiting at the fair in future years.

13. Upon discovery of any fraud, deception or dishonest practice either in the preparation, ownership, or of any representation concerning any article exhibited, which may have affected or have been intended to affect the decision of the judges, the Board of Directors have the power to withhold the payment of any and all prizes awarded and prohibit any such party or parties from exhibiting for one or more years, and may also publish names of such parties or not, as may be deemed expedient.

14. Reclassifying exhibits to a more appropriate class, section or department may be done at the discretion of The Chilliwack Fair planning committee.

15. Please respect all participants, volunteers, staff as our objective of this event is to provide a friendly competition that celebrates exhibition and encourages participation in agricultural shows.

16. Judges will in no case award a prize where there is no merit, or in case there is only one article exhibited in any class they shall award only one prize – highest or second or third as may be proper.

17. A sole exhibit in a class may not necessarily earn a prize. All articles of field and garden must be bona fide the production of the exhibitor and must be grown or made during the year, unless otherwise recorded in the prize book list.

18. The judging panel’s decision shall be final. There will be no further discussions as to the merits of the exhibits.

19. Any exhibitor who may desire to enter a protest must enter such protest in writing previous to the close of the show, and must deposit $25 with the Event Coordinator, which in case the protest is not sustained, is forfeited and added to the funds of the Fair.

20. Should there not be enough funds on hand to pay prizes in full, they will be paid pro rata.

21. The Event Coordinator, President and Executive shall have the general supervision of the grounds during the entire Fair and control the entrance and exit gates.

22. No claims for injury to any person or property shall ever be assessed or have instituted or maintained against the Chilliwack and District Agricultural Society, its Officers or their agents by or on behalf of any visitor, exhibitor, or any person, firm or corporation or their agents, representatives, servants or employees, having license or privilege to visit or exhibit on the grounds of the Society or occupying any space thereon.

23. While the Society will take every precaution to ensure the safety of the articles/exhibits, let it be distinctly understood the Owners are required to assume all risks. Should any article/exhibit be accidentally injured, damaged, lost or stolen, the Society will render all the assistance in its power to bring about the recovery of same, but it will not recognize any claim for payment of the value or any portion thereof.

24. The Exhibitor/Participant acknowledges that due to the nature of the activities required in support of an online entry, as well as for the on-site Horse Show, it would be unreasonable for the Chilliwack & District Agricultural Society to be in any way responsible for any injury to or death of the Exhibitor/Participant. The Exhibitor/Participant hereby, waives all of his or her legal rights of action against the Chilliwack & District Agricultural Society and fully releases the Chilliwack & District Agricultural Society, to the extent allowable under the law, for any personal injury or death arising out or in relation to the Exhibitor/Participant undertaking the activities including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of the Chilliwack & District Agricultural Society, its office bearers, directors, employees or agents.

25. Should there be any disputes or misunderstandings, which no one of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations governs, whether in connection with judging or otherwise, they shall be referred to the President and Board of Directors whose decision shall be final.